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Business Grants & Finding Investors - Kaylon Beck

April 01, 2022 Jha Allen Episode 15
The Connections Hub Podcast
Business Grants & Finding Investors - Kaylon Beck
Show Notes

In this episode, the host, Jha Allen, interviews Kaylon Beck, Owner of Beck & Call Hospitality.


Kaylon’s vision is to redefine the hospitality industry through a cultural lens. Her goal is to open a bed & breakfast in Houston after she noticed that there wasn’t a boutique hotel in the community where she grew up in. On Kaylon’s journey, she has learned how to apply for grants and find investors to help bring her vision to life, and Kaylon shares how you can do the same for your business. 


She dives into the changes of the hospitality industry since COVID hit, and what the future of the industry looks like. From applying to grants, to crowdfunding and investing into a grant coach, Kaylon is looking to change the hospitality industry of Houston for its communities and people. 

1:32 - Hi Kaylon. Please introduce yourself.

1:56 - How are you redefining hospitality through a cultural lens?

2:35 - What is your main motivation for starting your bed and breakfast?

4:09 - How have you seen the hospitality industry change since you graduated in 2014?

5:48 - Do you feel that all these businesses popping up in the city affect how you look for investors?

6:29 - Tell us more about what you’re trying to do with your bed and breakfast

7:00 - Where are you looking to purchase your bed and breakfast?

7:40 - Can people call you to be an investor in the business?

9:09 - What role does Beck & Call play in hosting events?

11:28 - Is there anything that someone who is interested in the hospitality industry should be looking at or doing to get into the field?

13:10 - What has changed in the hospitality industry since COVID hit?

15:14 - How did people adapt to the changes from COVID?

16:30 - Do you think these COVID changes are permanent or temporary?

17:28 - While we’re getting back to normal, are investors still willing to invest into the hospitality industry?

19:15 - Have you found the best practices for finding investors?

22:15 - How has your grants coach helped you and your business?

23:20 - Can you tell us which grant it was that you applied for?

24:18 - Where do you go to find grants?

26:20 - How are you able to juggle all of your work?

27:27 - Tell us a little about your team

28:50 - If you had to seek an investor, what kind of investor are you looking for?

30:03 - What’s a crowdfunding campaign?
31:18 - How much are you looking for people to invest in Beck & Call?

33:43 - As an investor, after I invest 5k or more to Beck & Call, what happens after that?

33:58 - So is each investor different in what they want from the investment?

35:05 - Where can we go to find more information about investing?

35:54 - Where can we follow and connect with you?

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